4 Great Reasons to Host a Norwex Party!

4 Great Reasons to Host a Norwex Party!

Thinking of Hosting a Norwex Party?

Did you just attend a friend’s Norwex party?

Do you want to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home?

Were you given the opportunity to book your own party?

Have you been curious what Norwex is all about?

Have you heard how AMAZING the Norwex’s Host Rewards are?

Do you need a good reason to get your friends and family together?

Do you want to try new products for FREE?

Are all your Norwex cloths older than two years and you’ve run out of your favourite Norwex UPP Laundry Detergent?

These are all good reasons to host a Norwex party! You will not be disappointed. Maybe you have heard a few things about the Norwex Host Rewards that got your attention, but keep reading, I will give you another 4 GREAT reasons to host a Norwex Party.

The Norwex Host Rewards are extremely generous … so generous that many of my hosts are overwhelmed by the amount of FREE product they earn. From my last four demos the hosts on average received over $560 in FREE product!  Norwex is so generous, a few months back… one of my hosts earned $814.67 of FREE Product!!!  Norwex Host Rewards

The Norwex Host Rewards are based on the Total Guest Sales,  # of Buying Guests and # of New Bookings.  I like to called it the 4 STAR Rewards, because there are 4 great ways to earn free product and they all add up! Each month the Host Rewards are different and always awesome. Keep reading to see what you could earn this month for hosting a Norwex Party.

May Host Rewards

Norwex May Host Rewards

Norwex Host Rewards – CDN – PDF  Norwex Host Rewards – US – PDF

Norwex Hosting Program

Norwex Reward #1This Reward is all about the Number of Buying Guests! You only need 3 buying guests to receive FREE Shipping and then you will receive Free Products as more guests buy.  This Month you will receive:

5 Buying Guests *** FREE EnviroCloth *** 8 Buying Guests = FREE Kitchen Cloth *** 10 Buying Guests = FREE Body Pack Cloths *** 12 Buying Guests = FREE Dusting Mitt *** 15 Buying Guests =  FREE Magnetic EnviroCloth


This Reward is all about the Total Guest Sales and you get rewarded off the first sale! The Host Free Dollar Rewards gives you a percentage back from the Total Guests Sales to choose products for yourself. The more product sold, the more you Host Free Dollars you receive! Get your wishlist started!!


Host Reward #3This Reward is all about the New Bookings from your party!  With each new booking, you will receive a FREE Window Cloth.


Host Rewards #4This Reward is combines all three criteria, the Total Guests Sales, the Number of Buying Guests and the Number of New Bookings to give you the opportunity to earn a variety of AWESOME products.

Let me highlight a few products that you could earn at your Norwex Party:

Blue EnviroCloth with Baclock™ – This is the original cloth that started Norwex.  It is made of microfiber that is 1/200th the size of a human hair.  If unravelled it would reach from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It has antibacterial microfiber that removes dust, dirt and grease from all washable surfaces using only water!  I love to colour code my cloths so that I have a cloth for each type of job in my house.  Each week I collect my cloths from around the house, launder them and then return them to their spot.

Charcoal Cloths = Kitchen Jobs, Blue Cloths= Dirty Jobs that may stain the cloth, Pink Cloth= Toilets (P is for Pee), Green Cloths= Bathrooms

Norwex EnviroCloth

Charcoal Cloths = Kitchen Jobs, Blue Cloths= Dirty Jobs that may stain the cloth, Pink Cloth= Toilets (P is for Pee), Green Cloths= Bathrooms

Tranquil Body Pack with Baclock™ – These beautiful face and body cloths are made of super-soft microfiber that perfectly cleanse the skin with just water from daily makeup and the environmental elements. Harsh soaps and cleansers often dry our skin, especially sensitive skin… using soft microfiber with water helps maintain your skin’s natural balance. Some facial cleansers have tiny plastic microbeads to help exfoliate the skin, but are nonbiodegradable and hurt our waterways.  They have actually been banned in some places. If you are looking for an effective exfoliator, simply wring the Body Pack Cloth well and gently cleanse your face with a upper circular motion to relieve your beautiful skin.

Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent (500gr/1.1 lbs) – The most versatile, pure, effective laundry detergent out there. It is 100% biodegradable and free from phosphates, fillers, fragrances and chlorine. You only need to use a little so you can do up to 100 loads in an HE machine and up to 66 in a standard machine.  I not only love it for our laundry, but I love that there are endless things you can use it for… it’s good stuff.

For example:

Clean your makeup brushes…

Norwex UpP

Clean the filters in your Stove Hood…

Clean your stove top burners…

Purifying Essential Oil – I love it when my home smells good… but not with scented chemicals, but with real soothing scents from essential oils. Norwex’s Purifying Essential Oil is made from high-quality, organic ingredients including; Spicy Cinnamon, Cloves, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, and a hint of Rosemary (organically farmed in Italy).  Essential Oils can be used with the Fragrance Disc and hung in a closet, you can dilute a few drops in your Norwex Spray Bottle and spritz the air or furniture, or you can even use a couple drops on the Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls and freshen your linens in the dryer.  They are so versatile and so beautiful.

EnviroWand with Two-Sided Sleeve – This duster is perfect for all those hard-to-reach areas in your home, like, the area beside your fridge, the ceiling fans, under the piano, top of the cabinets. The list is endless. The EnviroWand is a flexible, washable, can be used wet or dry, can be attached to telescopic handle, has a two-side sleeve with a nubby chenille microfiber side and a regular Norwex microfiber side… so it is perfect for all types of dusting. Do you know why it is important to dust? Many chemicals in our homes – that come from furniture, open windows, the bottom of our shoes, electronics, etc… – wind up in the dust.  When you remove the dust, you remove the chemicals.

Norwex Exclusive Offer MayThe Exclusive May Host Reward is FANTASTIC!  The reward makes this month a 5 STAR Host Reward month.  They only happen once in a while and they are a treat.  This exclusive reward is worth $99.97!  When your party achieves $800 in Guest Sales, has 6 Buying Guests, and 1 New Booking, you will receive (in addition to the other 4 Stars) 1 limited-edition Chenille Bath Mat, 1 Chenille Hand Towel and 1 Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash for FREE.

Host a Norwex Party in May

There are more than just 4 great reasons to Host a Norwex Party, in fact, this month Norwex added an extra reward and those 5 STAR Rewards sure make it worth it.  Where I live, spring is taking a LONG time to get started… we actually we just experience more snow fall.  But I know that spring is on its way and I know that during spring we all love to clean those areas in our home that need attention. Why not, host a Norwex Party this month and start your spring cleaning with fresh cleaning tools.

Norwex Hosting Program


Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.

Norwex Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Norwex Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Show your Mom a little love this Mother’s Day!

Each Mom is unique and lovely in her own way. We all have our favourite thing that makes our Mom special to us. Maybe it is the late night talks you used to have about boys, or the back rubs she gave you as she tucked you in, or the dozen upon dozens of your favourite cookies she baked, or how she read novels with you, or practiced your pitching at the neighbour park, or how she made you practice piano, or long walks you took with her at night, or how she made the best macaroni and cheese… the list goes on! Mother’s day is to be celebrated!  Because no Mom is alike, I thought it would be fun to survey women across North America to see what THEY would like for Mothers day. Some of these gift ideas are practical and some of the gifts will pamper your mom… all of them will bless her.

VOTED on by women in North America…what THEY would like for Mother’s Day!!

10. For the Athletic Mom

Sport Towel Link

Does your Mom love the gym? Her step or yoga class? Does your Mom like to backpack in the mountains? If so, she will love Norwex’s Sport Towel.  It is made from suede microfiber with Baclock™ and is highly absorbent, lightweight, fast-drying and has it own carrying pouch. The Baclock™ micro silver agent in the cloth goes to work with self-purifying properties that against mold, fungi and bacterial odour within 24 hours so that it is ready to use again. Which sporty mom wouldn’t like all of that?

Norwex Sport Towel

9. For the Mom who Loves Her Kitchen

Kitchen Towel & Cloth Set Link

Whose Mom wouldn’t love a new towel set for her kitchen? Especially ones that are made of superior microfiber with Baclock™, the micro silver agent in the cloth, that inhibits bacterial odour, mold and mildew growth in the cloth. The kitchen is the hub of your Mom’s home and good kitchen cloths are a blessing. Norwex’s set are super absorbent, dry quickly, won’t scratch, come in 9 colours and are beautiful to use.  These towels dry and polish to a spot-free shine!!

Norwex Kitchen Set

8. Hair & Care for Mom

Hair Turban and Shower Gel Link

This Hair Turban is a must!  I’ve said for years the hair Turban is for those with long hair… but last week at a party I was corrected.  A sweet 75+ senior in attendance with short grey hair interjected that this is one of her favorite products!

Your Mom will love wrapping her hair up in this luxurious, easy-to-secure, super-absorbent, ultra-soft turban made from exclusive microfiber that contains Baclock™.  It quickly absorbs up to 75% of the moisture in your hair to save time blow drying and the health of your hair.  What can I say, I have long hair and I love my hair turban… I never leave town without it.

The Shower Gel is another beautiful Norwex product that will not just pamper your mom’s skin (which it totally will) but because it is made from natural and organic products, it won’t hurt your mom or the environment.  It is made from the derivatives of fruit sugar, pineapple, coconut and lemon, plus aloe vera that acts to moisture and is double certified organic (BDIH and NaTrue). This crisp Shower Gel has plant-based surfactants that are mild to the skin and deliver pure clean without drying the skin. Some of my customers actually use this Shower Gel as their body wash and shampoo because it is so lovely and because they love how clean the ingredients are.

7. For the Mom On-The-Go

Essential Oils and Car Vent Clips Link

Oh my… this is the best!!  Many vehicles have chemical laden vent clips or hanging trees.  Ask yourself… What am I inhaling?  Is it healthy?

Every Mom’s vehicle deserves a little infusion of soothing scents and delicate aroma from Norwex’s unique botanical blends of Essential Oils. Aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils is known to help evoke a feeling of calm and comfort.  When you spend as much time in the car as many Mom’s do… even Grandma’s; driving to sporting and extracurricular events, long road trips, smelly sporting gear… everyone will enjoy the relaxing scent!

Norwex has 3 Essential Oil Blends including; Soothing Blend, Energizing Blend and Purifying Blend. All are made with high-quality, organic ingredients that were carefully cultivated, harvested, crafted, combined and matured to perfection.  They can be combined with Norwex’s ceramic Car Vent Clips to provide a subtle yet long-lasting scent that will freshen your mom’s car.  She can use the Essentials Oils in her home too, by placing a couple drops on Wool Laundry Ball or diluted with water in a spray bottle to provide an refreshing scent to the air or spray surfaces and clean with an EnviroCloth. Essential Oils are all about evoking relaxation and reducing stress… I bet your Mom would like that.

Norwex Essential Oils

6. For the Environmentally-Friendly Mom

NEW Counter ClothsNEW Napkins Link

These little cloths were designed to replace paper towels. Which Mom doesn’t love the convenience, versatility and size of paper towels? But no one likes the impact they have on the environment. The NEW Counter Cloths are convenient and the perfect size of paper towel (28 cm x 13 cm / 11″ x 5″), but the microfiber is more absorbent is made from 50% recycled materials, can be used over and over and has Baclock™ agent to help self-purify the cloth.  They will change your Mom’s paper towel habit for the better!

Another source of paper consumption in our homes is the use of paper napkins. Mom’s famous lasagna or her chicken wings require something to clean up the yummy mess. Last year, Norwex launched Napkins made from 50% recycled materials! Each set is made from the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles. They are beautifully designed with a textured finish and made with superior microfiber containing Baclock™, are super-absorbent and can be reused.

Norwex Napkins

5. For the Spa-Loving Mom

Spa WrapMediterranean Meditation Olive Oil Salt Scrub Link

The Spa Wrap is made from the same soft, absorbent, lightweight microfiber as the Norwex Towel but has a handy velcro® closure and elastic top that allows your Spa Wrap to fit you perfectly and keep you comfortable as you get ready for the day or as you enjoy a day at the beach. It is like a warm towel hug for your mom.

The Olive Oil Salt Scrub is AMAZING.  I can’t say enough about this one. It is a beautiful product that helps maintain the health of your skin. It is an organic-certified cleansing scrub with Lemon Peel and Orange Oil that is enriched with Dead Sea Salts containing 26 minerals that creates a moisture barrier to protect the newly revealed skin.  It has no preservatives or perfumes, is perfect for all types of skin and honestly leaves your skin feel so good and healthy… even velvety. Your mom will feel like she’s been to the spa.

Norwex Spa Wrap

4. For the All-Natural Mom

Peppermint Foaming Soap & Chenille Hand Towel Link

For the women who taught you to wash your hands, your Mom is going to love Norwex’s Peppermint Foaming Soap.  It is all-natural, and has energizing peppermint aroma that will leave her skin clean, soft, smooth and moisturized. Unlike many hand soaps, this one is free of synthetic dyes, fragrances with phlatates and preservatives with parabens.

The Chenille Hand Towel is a perfect complement to the foaming soap as the luxurious chenille microfiber is so soft and absorbent.  The Hand Towel has Baclock™ antibacterial agent in the towel works to self-purify and inhibit odours from bacteria, mold and mildew. As a mom, I love that this towel doesn’t reintroduce the same dirt and bacteria that’s caught in a tradition towel from previous use.  This is a beautiful gift and comes in a 4 different colours.

3. For the Mom who Needs a Little “Luxury Treatment”

Body Pack Cloths & NEW Lip Balm Link

The Body Pack Cloths are another favourite of mine.  They are made from a soft and luxurious microfiber that has Baclock™ micro silver and only need water to cleanse my face. These are lovely. If you are looking for an all-natural exfolliating cloth, just well-wring the Body Pack Cloth and it will do the trick to reveal your best skin. They are so good, they even remove makeup… no chemical-filled cleanser required.

The Norwex Lip Balm is NEW this year.  They made them nice and big (8 g/ 0.28 oz)… they remind me of the old lip smackers I used to buy as a kid (but way better). There are three yummy natural flavours including; Black Raspberry, Orange Vanilla and Pineapple Coconut.  They are USDA certified organic and formulated with ingredients, including; Sunflower Seed Oil, Caster Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax.  They are free from: gluten, petroleum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and dyes, parabens and aluminum.  They are perfect to moisturize, hydrate, nourish and protect your mom’s lips.  Ahhh.

Norwex Body Pack

2. Keep your Mom Soft & Smooth

Foot Stone and NEW Body Balm Link

These are a must-have in my life and I bet your mom will feel the same.  The Foot Stone made of 100% pure pumice is AMAZING.  Every day I scuff this stone over my heals, the bottom of my feet and toes and I never never get any build up.  It naturally removes old cells to reveal soft, smooth skin.  It is especially perfect for the summer time when we love to wear sandals and is a must-have for those gardening moms to clean not just her feet, but her hard-working hands too.

The next best thing is the NEW Body Balm. I am very busy with this product… i love it and use it daily!  It is an organic, roll-on remedy for your dry heels, elbows, hands and knees and up and down your legs.  It has a beautiful citrus, minty aroma that is soothing and perfect for everyday use. This is going to be your Mom’s new favourite!

1. For the Mom who Rescues and Needs Rescuing

Body Scrub Mitt, Optic Scarf Timeless Rescue Gel Link

This was VOTED #1 for MOM… we all need a little rescuing sometimes!! This gift pack will rescue your mom in a few small ways… nothing like she has done for you, but we can try :).  The first is the Body Scrub Mitt.  It is a great shower tool that has a scrubby side and a soft microfiber side. It is designed to clean and rejuvenate your skin by gently removing dead skin cells and revealing your smooth beautiful skin. One of my favourite things about the Body Scrub Mitt is that it can be used instead of shaving cream. Simply scrub your legs and then follow by shaving and you will find you receive a perfect shave. Saving your Mom money and time will make her happy!

The second product is the Optic Scarf.  This the best lens cleaner out there.  It is made of tightly-woven, lint-free microfiber that not only cleans glasses beautifully, but it also cleans your cell phone and other devices too.  It has a clever design that includes a clip for your bag and the ability to remove the clip so you can clean the Scarf in the washing machine. You mom will love having fingerprint-free glasses and devices.

The third product is the Timeless Rescue Gel.  It is a designed to help rescue your mom from stress. Just roll this synergistic blend of natural and organic botanicals across any tension points, like, temples, neck and shoulders.  The ingredients include; chamomile, camphor, devil’s claw and arnica montana extract, aloe vera, sage and rosemary. I love this stuff and tend to have a stash at my desk and in the car.  It’s a little piece of heaven every Mom should enjoy.

Norwex Body Scrub Mitt, Optic Scarf, Rescue Gel

Norwex is well known for their natural cleaning products.  We all love the EnviroCloths!! Although the cleaning products are amazing, it is great time to pamper your mom and give her a little something for just her that has nothing to do with cleaning.  This Mother’s Day, bless you Mom with some of Norwex’s amazing natural personal products. Giving your Mom a little love this Mother’s Day is going to be easy.

Cast your vote in the comments for what you would like for Mother’s Day this year!


Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.

Norwex’s Pitch the Plastic Special for Earth Month

Norwex’s Pitch the Plastic Special for Earth Month

Pitch the Plastic Norwex Specials

Plastic Pollution in our Ocean

Plastic is a problem. CBC recently reported that “there are more than 79,000 tonnes of ocean plastic in a 1.6 million square kilometre area of the North Pacific Ocean, often referred to as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. That’s 16 times more than previous estimates.”  Plastic is a material that does not decompose.  It never goes away. It does break down into small pieces, called microplastics (pieces measuring less than 0.5 cm in diameter), which “marine life can consume and potentially die from”.  The Ocean Cleanup Foundation commissioned an expedition in 2015 and found 1.8 trillion pieces of microplastics, including “plastic bottles, containers, packaging straps, lids, ropes and fishing nets… that have been accumulating for decades.” In this CBC article, Marcus Eriksen, founder and research director of the 5 Gyres Institute spoke about how the clean up efforts are important, but “not a solution by itself. ” Eriksen and Laurent Lebreton, lead author of Scientific Reports agree that they “would like to see less single-use plastic as well as a focus on cleaning up beaches and shores, before it makes its way into our oceans.”

Ocean Cleanup Plastic Norwex

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch by the Numbers. Source: The Ocean Cleanup Foundation

What Is Norwex Doing about Plastic?

The truth of ocean plastic pollution is staggering… but, I believe that one household, who makes environmentally-friendly choices, does make a difference in the world. When you add up all our households, we do make a big difference! I am so grateful that Norwex recognizes the impact of plastic and is dedicated to helping people make conscience choices to reduce plastic waste.  This month, Norwex’s “Pitch the Plastic Pack” Customer Special provides sustainable solutions to reduce our need for plastic straws, plastic wrap, plastic produce bags and plastic grocery bags.  Isn’t that AWESOME?  Plus, to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, Norwex is giving a couple FREE products with some of the specials!!! Keep reading…

Norwex Specials Reduce Plastic

Norwex Customer Specials – PDF

Bath and Body Bundle

This Bundle includes the Vibrant Body Pack and the Graphite Bath Towel.  Norwex’s Body Pack are amazing face and body cloths made from super-soft Norwex microfiber containing their exclusive Baclock™ agent.  They are perfect for all types of skin, designed to gently cleanse the face and body, helps remove excess oils from skin, great for exfoliation, acne and blackheads, and only needs water.  They are good for the environment, good for balancing your delicate skin and good for reducing your spending on cleansers.  The other product in this Bath and Body Bundle is the super-soft, light-weight, super-absorbent, quick-to-dry Graphite Bath Towel.  It is made with Norwex’s microfiber containing the self-purifying properties of the Baclock™ agent. Just like the EnviroCloth is perfect for cleaning surfaces in your home, the Body Pack and Bath Towel are perfect for cleaning and maintaining your skin.

Spring Cleaning Basics

You will be amazed what you can accomplish with an EnviroCloth and a dab of Cleaning Paste. With just the EnviroCloth and water, you can clean all the hard surfaces in your home.  Norwex microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions.  This cloth is superior because it is made with microfiber that is 1/200th the size of a human hair and there is more than 3 million meters in length of microfiber in each cloth. It is powerful. Use an EnviroCloth with Cleaning Paste to remove rust spots, hard water stains, scuff marks, permanent marker, dirt, grime, soap scum and more. BONUS: When you buy the Spring Cleaning Basics, you will receive an additional FREE EnviroCloth! Wondering what else Cleaning Paste can do? Read this Post.  Want to know how I spring clean my appliances? Read this Post.

Norwex Cleaning Paste Testimonial

Sustainable Sink Set

The kitchen sink is a busy place… from washing dishes and hands, to cleaning produce, to soaking pots and rinsing out the kitchen cloth.  It is great that Norwex has the products to make our sinks sustainable.  The Sink Mats (set of 3) are made of highly-absorbent microfiber and foam that are perfect for placing near the sink to provide a convenient resting place for wet or messy glasses, cups, bottles, toothbrushes and soap dispensers.  They are a perfect “landing pad” for all those wet or sticky objects. The Bottle Brush with EnviroSleeve is a great tool for quickly cleaning bottles, vases, glassware, coffee to-go cups, etc.  The brush is made of flexible and sturdy ThermoPlastic Rubber bristles that do a great job cleaning right to the bottom of your bottle without scratching it.  When paired with an extra-soft EnviroSleeve with Baclock™, it is perfect for delicate items.

Pitch the Plastic Pack

Pitch the Plastic NorwexThis special is packed with sustainability products that can help reduce our consumption of plastic straws, plastic wrap, plastic produce bags and plastic grocery bags. Reducing the use of all these ‘single-use’ plastic products is worth it.  The Produce Bags (set of 3) are made of a washable polyester that don’t leach chemicals, are washable and super durable.  They are the perfect size to bring your produce home, are light enough so your produce can be weighed inside the bag and you can even wash, rinse and store your produce in the bag when you get home. The Reusable Grocery Bag is awesome because it has Baclock™ in the lining, making it the cleanest reusable bag you own.  It is also the perfect size and super durable. The Silicone Lids (set of 2) are constructed with food-grade silicone and are designed to create an airtight seal on food containers.  They keep food fresh, can be used in the microwave and oven (up to 425º F) and won’t hold food odours.  A perfect reusable alternative to plastic wrap and foil.  The Stainless Steel Drinking Straws (set of 4) are a great way to avoid single-use straws because although they are usually recyclable, they don’t usually get recycled. Did you also know? More than 500 million plastic straws are used daily.  They are one of the top 10 debris items ingested by sea life. These straws fit most cups and bottles and even make your drink taste colder… which is perfect for smoothies.  The Norwex Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool to quickly clean out the straws so they are ready to use again. BONUS: When you buy the Pitch the Plastic Pack you will receive a FREE Special Edition Optic Scarf.

Spend & Get Special

Norwex Pitch the Plastic Spend and Get

Spend & Get – April 2018 – PDF

Isn’t it amazing that there are sustainable options for the day-to-day choices we make. I empower you to believe that the choices you make do impact the health of our environment.  Even switching from using traditional plastic straws to reusable Stainless Steel Straws would save 38,000 straws from entering the landfill or ocean in your lifetime. Try one of Norwex’s Earth Month Specials.

Spring Cleaning Norwex Specials

Resources: CBC NEWS  Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 16 times bigger than previously estimated, study finds http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/great-pacific-garbage-patch-1.4582626


Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.


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