Customer Testimonies

Freshen up your Summer for Less! June Norwex Customer Specials.

This month Norwex has put products on sale that help care for our skin as well as care for our ...
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What Gives You Joy?

I have said this countless times, but I need to say it again, I LOVE my job!  What I LOVE best ...
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A Collection of Norwex Testimonials

Ever wonder what other people are saying about Norwex products? Ever wonder if they work as good as your consultant ...
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Car Wash… Norwex Style

Do you love a clean car? Isn’t it the best when it is all shiny like new? Did you know ...
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Need a Fresh Fundraiser?? Try Norwex!

Looking for a fresh idea for a fundraiser? Looking for something that is easy to run? Looking for an effective ...
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What can you all do with the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent?

With over 9 years of educating others about the product... I  have heard a lot of testimonials!!  I lead an amazing ...
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Wet Feet, Wet Floor!!!

Do you have a swinging shower door that drips water on your bathroom floor? Do you walk around your washroom ...
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Norwex Hosting Testimonials

I've had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful customers and hosts... meeting new people is one of the ...
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Timeless Relaxation

Headaches, Sleepless, Stressed, Tired… Let Norwex Rescue You!

We all get tired and have stiff muscles, from time to time, for different reasons.  From driving all day, to sitting ...
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Pets Can Be Messy!

Whether your mess is big or small, the Carpet Stain Buster is the solution!  It comes with a handy spray ...
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