Spring Clean Dusting

Our homes collect dust. Dust is made up of all sorts of stuff – organic stuff like dead skin, but also toxic stuff from our environment.  Although spring cleaning includes dusting because of how wonderful it feels when the dusting is done, but it should also be done as a fight against toxins in our homes….


Spring Clean Outdoors

With the long-waited spring season comes the long-waited barbecue season!  Spring cleaning would not be complete without getting one of our favourite “tools” clean. As the BBQ works hard during the summer months to supply mouthwatering meals, I would like to show you a biodegradable, all-natural but tough cleaning system for your BBQ that works FANTASTIC!  It…

Spring Clean Appliances

This post is about deep cleaning kitchen appliances… the ones we couldn’t live without! I would like to share how to spring clean your oven without harmful toxins or the huge amount of energy output spent to run a traditional self-clean oven cycle, plus your fridge and your dishwasher and other small appliances without chemicals….

Streak-Free Windows?

The first Norwex product I owned was the Window Cloth, it didn’t take me long to use it wrong.  The cloth didn’t come with any instructions, so I used it with Windex.  I thought I was being environmentally-friendly by not using  paper towel with my Windex.  Needless to say, my windows and mirrors were a…