Spring Clean Dusting

Our homes collect dust. Dust is made up of all sorts of stuff – organic stuff like dead skin, but also toxic stuff from our environment.  Although spring cleaning includes dusting because of how wonderful it feels when the dusting is done, but it should also be done as a fight against toxins in our homes….


Spring Clean Outdoors

With the long-waited spring season comes the long-waited barbecue season!  Spring cleaning would not be complete without getting one of our favourite “tools” clean. As the BBQ works hard during the summer months to supply mouthwatering meals, I would like to show you a biodegradable, all-natural but tough cleaning system for your BBQ that works FANTASTIC!  It…

No Tricks – Norwex is a Treat!

With Halloween right around the corner, festive activities are fast approaching. Costume-making, decorating and entertaining at our home are all parts of Halloween enjoyed by the whole family. Cleaning in preparation for these festivities, however…is preferred to be done quickly! Maybe you have a dog that frequents your windows, or it’s been a while since you’ve have the…

HELP: Sweat Stinks!

The smell of sweat is not attractive! Do stinky, smelly sports gear and clothing intrude on your senses?  What about smelly shoes that have been on sweaty feet all day?   Norwex has an amazing enzyme-based product, Sportzyme, which eliminates organic odor from shoes, high heels, work boots, equipment bags, shoulder pads, knee pads, skates, cleats, helmets,…