Norwex Customer Specials

Makeover Your Bathroom & Kitchen with Norwex Specials!

I love letting people know what Norwex products are on special each month!  First, I am Dutch and love a good deal! But I also love when quality products, that I use on a daily, are on sale.  This month, Norwex has a few of their amazing, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, green-clean items to makeover your bathroom and…

Norwex Customer Specials Sept 2017

Norwex Bathroom Products, Microfiber Cloths and Kitchen Cloths are on Sale!

Norwex fall savings have arrived! As the fall schedules are getting back into swing, take a moment to check out the customer specials to get your house keeping schedule back on track. Norwex’s always provides innovative ways to clean our homes with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, green-clean methods.  Their simple-to-use products will save you 75% of the…