As school is back in session, kids are trucking their water bottles back and forth from school and parents are filling their much-needed travel coffee mugs for the morning commute to school or work… Norwex has another new product to help keep these environmentally-friendly essentials clean and free from bacteria.  The Norwex Bottle Brush has expanded this year and now offers 2 additional Bottle Brush Extensions — perfect for cleaning our daily coffee travel mugs, water bottles and much more.

travel mug collage

I LOVE this product!  There are three different extensions in total designed to clean any type of slender bottle, well-used travel mug, delicate vase, and even dirty pots and pans. All the extension heads are made from ThermoPlastic Rubber… a durable and flexible material that dries quickly, is dishwasher safe and doesn’t harbour bacteria. They tackle an assortment of jobs because there is an EnviroSleeve for delicate items like glassware & baby bottles or an EnviroSleeve with Scrubber for tougher jobs like pots & pans and hot lunch & soup containers.  Just like the regular EnviroCloth, the EnviroSleeve is embedded with Baclock™ micro silver to inhibit odors from bacteria growth. Just click them on the Bottle Brush handle, use a small squirt of Dishwashing Liquid and get to work. You will be delighted to have clean, bacteria-free, streak-free containers with very little effort.

water bottle collage

As you pack your kids’ lunches and fill their water bottles each morning, be confident that the water they drink during the day started in a clean, bacteria-free bottle.  One less thing to worry about…

You will also find these handy brushes listed on my “RV Must Have” list.  They would make a perfect addition to your camping supplies for next summer.

Reusable water bottles and coffee travel mugs are wonderful ways to help our environment by drastically reducing the number of plastic bottles and paper cups consumed. It is important to reuse beverage containers and to have a cleaning system for all those cups. Simple, effective and awesome!

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How many beverage containers can you save this week?  This is EYE opening and shocking!  Did you know that 1.6 billion disposable cups are used a year in Canada alone, creating 57 tonnes of garbage a year?  Did you know that paper cups can not be recycled?  Learn how they are also dangerous for your health… watch this:



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