With over 9 years of educating others about the product… I  have heard a lot of testimonials!!  I lead an amazing team of consultants and collectively we share the amazing stories and testimonials about Norwex products from our consultants and customers.  As a team, we have heard all sorts of ways to use Norwex products that aren’t in the brochures, but are so valuable to help others find solutions to the cleaning challenges.  Today’s post is all about the Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent, affectionately known as UPP!  It’s name does not do the product justice as you will read… these testimonials I have collected attest to the superior ability of Norwex’s UPP!

Stainless Steel Appliances:

I did a presentation for a newly wed couple and they had picked up a free dishwasher off Kijiji.  The lady giving it away couldn’t stand the smudges and smear marks all over the stainless steal surface.  My host was beyond delighted when I simply removed all the buildup and oil film off the appliance with ease.   At another party, my host had a very high end, triple wide stainless steal range hood. From the date of installation, there was a oily film across the centre of this beautiful kitchen centre piece.  Both my host and her husband were thrilled I was able to remove it!

“I was at a party where I made a solution of UPP with water, dipped my wet EnviroCloth into the solution and amazingly it took off 6 years of water stain drips on the hosts dishwasher that she could not remove. She gave me the biggest hug!!”  ~Deenie Gross

“My past hostess used diluted UPP and an EnviroCloth to remove 4 years worth of stainless steel cleaner residue from her fridge!” ~Stephanie Jones

Clothes Stains: 

Do you have any shirts with pit staining?  Well, this is an amazing solution!!  Simply create a mixture of UPP with water and apply to the affected area.  Run it through the washing machine and it will shock you!!  I have a young 20-year-old customer, who attended 6 shows in 8 months.  She fell in love with everything!!  At one presentation she was wearing a cute top, only to lift up her arm and share that the pit stains she had on this favorite shirt, which she had hid under jackets and throws, were totally gone!!

“My daughter’s white dress have a chocolate stain that was from July!!! I made a paste with the UPP and it let it sit overnight. Completely got rid of it!” ~ Natasha Sandoval

“Cleaned coffee that was spilled on my brand new shirt. Dipped it in the water mixed with UPP and it came right out!!”  ~ Kathryn Debree

Furniture Stains:
“Dilute the UPP in water in a spray bottle and clean microfiber furniture. Works amazing.” ~ Jessica Aten

Norwex Microfiber Cloths:

“I tried the ‘deep clean’ where you fill a wash basin tub with boiling water, add a scoop of UPP, add a pile of Norwex EnviroCloths and let soak. Whoa, I was shocked at how much came out of my microfiber! Some cloths I added were clean, right from the drawer. BEST way to revitalize older cloths, for sure!”  ~ Kathy-Sue Dyrland


From: Summer Shessel

“This is a gross picture of my Travel EnviroCloth. I didn’t have time to boil it so I just put the kettle on and then filled a small bowl with the boiling water a 1/2 tsp of UPP, dropped in the cloth and put a lid on it. Came back a an hour or so later after running errands and this is what the water looked like. Gross! My cloth is so clean now… like new.” ~ Summer Shessel



Jewelry Cleaner:

“Ladies cleaned their rings at a party. Simply, diluted UPP, soak for a few moments, use a toothbrush. (Norwex or another one, I do not use the Norwex toothbrush here, because I talk about saving the best toothbrush for your teeth)”  ~ Jenilee Garnish

Oven Racks:

“I have spent 40 years cleaning my oven and never been able to get my oven racks completely clean, especially without half a day of scrubbing. I put the racks in the tub with a teaspoon of UPP and voila, shiny, clean and just like new! Used the Spirinett with no effort to take off the really bad spots. Love it!” ~ Cathie Luxon-Hines


“Takes the oils out of my massage sheets! And of course my scrubs for massage!” ~ Jessie Brooke

jordana“I think I’ve shared this before but it applies…My daughter covered my beige comforter in a full tube of red lipstick! I made a paste with the UPP and the Stain Remover and brushed it in with a nail brush, then I washed it in the washing machine. I had small flecks left so I repeated and viola!”  ~ Jordana Fast





Flip Flops & Shower Curtains:

The UPP is certainly an extremely versatile product. Here are a couple of my favourites which haven’t been mentioned: 1) Cleaning my Flip Flop sandals. These are the most comfortable footwear with great bling – but the base has texture which collects dust. Nothing cleans them faster then an EnviroCloth dipped in diluted UPP!! They look like NEW in seconds!! 2) I’ll fill our largest juice container with water and diluted UPP, set it on the edge or our tub and soak the shower curtain! Works AMAZING!!


My sister has a white area rug in her home and she added some UPP to the carpet cleaning machine, and it made the area rug look like new!!

“I put the UPP in my carpet steam vac and cleaned my microfiber couch.”  ~ Tina Whitman-Neubecker


UPP is so versatile and effective… I hope you were inspired by the testimonials and success stories I shared. Check back soon for more testimonials about other fabulous Norwex products. If you had success using UPP, please comment below.


Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.