Do you love a clean car? Isn’t it the best when it is all shiny like new?

Did you know that with a clean car comes some costs to our environment?

First, there are so many products available for the care and cleaning of vehicles.  From soaps, to shammies, to scrubbies, to dashboard cleaners, to window cleaners, to tire shiners, to chrome cleaners… the list goes on.  These are full of chemicals that eventually make their way to our rivers, streams, soil and even drinking water. Did you know that any water (or chemicals) that get dumped down the street drain, do not go through the water sewage treatment plant? It is assumed that run off is just rainwater or melted snow and therefore does not require any “treatment”. This untreated water gets dumped into our rivers and the chemicals make it into our drinking water system.

Second, car washes and even washing your car at home requires gallons and gallons of water to get your car clean.

Norwex has a short list of items for the big job of keeping your ‘baby’ looking her best!

Car Wash Mitt

Car Cloth

Leather Shine

clean car1. The Car Wash Mitt is an amazing 2-sided cleaning mitt, with nubby chenille microfiber on one side and sponge layer microfiber on the other. The thick, plush, super-absorbent fibers hold the dirt away to reduce any scratching and give you a cleaner result.  The fibres in the mitt are actually microfiber and therefore have a larger surface area for cleaning.

Always start cleaning the top of the vehicle and work your way down as it gets dirtier as we get closer to the road.  Wet the mitt with water and wring it out well. The mitt only requires water, therefore is no residual chemicals left behind on your vehicle or leaching into the environment. Usually one bucket of water – unless you have been 4x4ing through the backcountry (you would need an extra bucket or two) – and this mitt will clean your whole vehicle!

Tip: This Car Wash Mitt can handle all sorts of grime.  So don’t forget to wash your oily wheel rims and tires too.

2.  The Car Cloth is used in conjunction with the Car Wash Mitt. This microfiber cloth has extremely fine fibers that are tightly woven together to prevent the cloth from holding dirt that could scratch your vehicle.  It works similar to the window cloth accept that it is designed with a car’s dirt in mind.  It quickly dries and perfectly polishes your entire car, including: windows, mirrors, glass, chrome and other smooth surfaces without leaving a scratch.

Tip:  Wash your car in smallish sections. First clean the surface of your car with the mitt and follow by polishing your car with the cloth before the water evaporates.  If your car dries quickly, use a spray of water to enhance the power of the polishing Car Cloth.

Tip: Make the Car Cloth slightly damp to create streak-free windows, mirrors & chrome.

3. The Leather Shine is for dressing your tires and polishing leather.  It is made with pure Bee and Carnauba Wax, is chemical-free and is perfect for making your tires shiny & black.  Ensure that you have cleaned the tires well using the Car Wash Mitt and then using the black side of the sponge applicator wipe the black wall of each tire.  They will look like new!

4. Don’t forget to clean the surfaces inside of your vehicle. After drying and polishing the outside your vehicle, the the Car Cloth will also a great job wiping down the dashboard, the console, the odometer, the stereo, the leather seats and the chrome surfaces inside.  Make sure your cloth is well-wrung to ensure a streak-free clean. And don’t forget to wipe down your steering wheel… it harbours lots of bacteria from our hands.

I know that there are lots of Dads out there who love a car clean and are impossible to shop for!  Maybe this could be the greatest Father’s day gift yet.  Dads are often hard to shop for, but this June, you could get him something he will actually use. The Norwex car wash products will let him keep his car clean without negatively affecting the environment… and at a fraction of the cost.  These cloths are also excellent for washing your favourite toys including; sea doos, snowmobiles, boats, ATVs etc…

I gave my dad a Car Cloth as a gift. He was super skeptical of Norwex to start. He said he decided he would give his car a routine clean, but was still using the ‘other stuff’. He had sprayed something greasy that splattered on the driver’s side window. He tried windex and paper towel to start – but it made a bigger mess. Then he tried just the Car Cloth and water – it worked like charm. Grease free. Streak free. Point for Norwex!!!”  ~ Kathrine VanWeerthuizen

The Car Wash Mitt worked great on our snowmobiles.   They got covered in salt and muck from the messy roads and looked like a huge job to wash them up and get the salt off.  
I took a pail of hot water and the Norwex car wash mitt and it took everything off super easy.  I was impressed how easy everything came off the machines so easy without soap or high pressure washing. Would definitely recommend it for washing your car.  ~ Dawna Kroeker
Keeping your car clean is a worth-while investment to maintain the exterior & interior of your car!!!  Norwex’s car washing products are fantastic!  They help you maintain your vehicle that without hurting the environment by using cleaning chemicals & gallons of water and they save you money & time by not having to go to the car wash. Sounds like a pretty awesome father’s day gift!!!

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Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.