There is nothing better than a Norwex Spend and Get Incentive!!! December is sure to GIFT you with some excellent savings!! Check this out:

Norwex Customer Specials December

Norwex has a couple festive customer specials that are perfect for your favourite Christmas host or the hard-to-buy-for man in your life. December is full of all sorts of wonderful events and time spent together! Let Norwex be apart of your Christmas this year by gifting environmentally-friendly, green-clean, time-saving, all-natural cleaning methods to your friends and family. Check out these sparkly Norwex Customer Specials!

Norwex December Specials

Necessities for the Holiday Kitchen

Norwex Customer Specials for the KitchenPomegranate Kitchen Towel and Kitchen Cloth with Baclock™ – This Norwex customer special comes at the perfect time and in the perfect colour!

At Christmas time, we put our kitchen towels to the test, both Norwex’s Kitchen Towel and Cloth will not disappoint. The microfiber design is ridged, which is perfect for trapping debris and for soaking up LOTS of moisture. Both cloths have Baclock™ the micro silver agent in the cloth, that goes to work with self-purification properties against mold, fungi and bacterial odor. They are lint-free, will leave your counter tops streak-free and are non-abrasive. The microfiber cloths are designed to thoroughly clean and dry your surfaces, plus they are delicate enough for crystal.

Let me share a great testimony about the Norwex Kitchen Towel that I received from a fellow consultant.  It was Thanksgiving and her whole family (16 people) was over for dinner when her dishwasher broke down.  They had no choice but to wash all the dishes by hand! She told me that ONE Norwex Kitchen Towel was all we needed to dry ALL the dishes!  They are exceptionally absorbent!! Plus, the pomegranate is a great Christmas colour and will make doing all those dishes a JOY!!!

Pack of 2 Spirinett – This tough, durable scrubber is a must for cleaning up Christmas dinner.  It is made of rust-free, non-deteriorating stainless steel that works effortlessly to remove baked-on food. This scrubber can be used in more places than the kitchen, like to remove: algae from your fish tank, water stains, glue, grime, paint, rust and more. The Spirinett is even dishwasher safe.

Gifts for the Car Connoisseur

Did you know that all the cleaning products we use on our driveways go straight into the storm drains and into the river without pretreatment at the city water plant?  Our cities assume that the storm drains only receive rain water and melted snow, not harmful chemicals. Would you be comfortable dumping your cleaning solutions from the shoreside into the river, or would you think twice?

Norwex Customer Specials for Car LoverThis Customer Special is a wonderful gift for the car lover in your life.  It not only reduces the need for harmful cleaners, but it also drastically reduces the need for water (1 bucket) to wash your vehicle. The Car Wash Mitt has a nubby chenille microfiber on one side and a sponge layer microfiber on the other.  The thick, plush fibers hold dirt and grime away from your car’s surface to reduce scratching.  The open spaces in the fibers allow the mitt to lift away dirt and grime, plus it is SUPER absorbent. You only use water to wash your car with the Car Mitt so your car will stay cleaner, longer, because there is no residual chemical muck to attract dirt to the car’s surface.

The Car Cloth is made from tightly woven fibers that prevent the cloth from holding dirt and scratching your finish. It is designed to polish your entire car, from windows, to mirrors, to chrome, to a beautiful shine.  For more details of how to green clean your vehicle, read: Car Wash… Norwex Style.

The Norwex Customer Specials will make great gifts for those on your Christmas list.  Many items are less than $25 and will bless your loved one as well as their environment.  Merry Christmas!


Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.