Free Mop Norwex Host Rewards

Why Host a Norwex Party?

The #1 reason people sign up to host a Norwex party is because they had fun at the party they were invited to.  There is nothing better than having a good reason to gather friends and family and spend some time together.  For instance… a Norwex party! People like you, come to a Norwex party and fall in love with the product and buy a few items to get themselves started.  This is great… but the best way to “Norwex” your home, is to host a party…the Host Rewards will stock your home with a generous amount of product.

The second reason why people host a demo night… is to receive the MOP for free!!  Well, guess what!!  July is FREE Mop Month!  When your party sells $550 you will be eligible for the Norwex Mop System!  Seriously, if your home has flooring which including; hardwood, lino, lament, slate, tile, vinyl, stone, cork, etc… you will LOVE this mop!  Keep reading, I will explain how the mop works and let you know to what else is available for my July Hosts.

Norwex Free Mop Month

Norwex Hosting Program

Norwex Host Rewards are truly generous and I like to describe them as the 4-STAR rewards program… because there are 4 ways to be rewarded.  The Rewards are cumulative… which means you get them all, instead of having to pick your favourite.  They are all based on the Total Guest Sales, # of Buying Guests and the # of New Bookings.

FREE Mop Star 1Invite Your Friends & Family

The 1st STAR rewards you for the number of buying guests at your party… so invite everyone you know!  Norwex actually ships directly to each customer’s home, so you can invite your Auntie from across Canada and her order counts.

Free Mop Star #1

FREE Mop Star 2Host FREE Dollars

Free Mop Wish ListThe 2nd STAR rewards you by fulfilling your Norwex wish list. With the very first sale, you will receive a percentage (8% – 12%) with which to buy products on your wish list. Take a peek at the Norwex Catalogue in advance and start your wish list!!!

When your Party Sells $350 you receive $35 Free Host Dollars or 10%.

When your Party Sells $550 you receive $55 Free Host Dollars or 10%.

When your Party Sells $750 you receive $90 Free Host Dollars or 12%.

When your Party Sells $1000 you receive $120 Free Host Dollars or 12%.

FREE Mop Star 3FREE Window Cloth

The 3rd STAR is a Thank you” for each new booking received at your party. The Window Cloth is a beautiful polishing cloth made of tightly woven Norwex microfiber that works with your EnviroCloth to clean all the surfaces in your home to a streak-free shine without chemicals. Thank you!!!

FREE Mop Star 4Free Mop System & Lots of Other Great Products

The 4th STAR rewards you with various products when your party has a minimum $350 in Guest Sales, 1 New Booking and 3 Buying Guests. This is totally an attainable goal and most of my hosts easily reach and surpass this minimum.

When your party sells $550 (with 1 new booking and 3 buying guests) you will earn the FREE Mop System.

It comes complete with:

Telescopic Mop Handle – This design feature allows you (and anyone in your family) to be comfortable while cleaning.  Simply twist the handle to loosen and adjust it to fit just below your chin. It also allows you to lengthen the handle and attach it to Norwex’s bendable EnviroWand so you can clean ceiling fans.

Large Mop Base The Base is light-weight and has velcro fasteners that work with all the different mop heads. It also locks into position (instead of being able to swivel) so that you can easily clean walls and windows.

NEW Large Chenille Dry Mop – This dry mop is made from nubby chenille microfiber that is statically charged and great for cleaning dry floors, walls and baseboards. It helps keep your floor cleaner, longer because it picks up EVERYTHING by attracting dust/particles like a magnet (unlike your favourite old broom).

NEW Large Microfiber Wet Mop Pad – Norwex has an exciting new Wet Mop Pad that is made from 70% recycled materials (plastic bottles) is ideal for washing floors and walls. Just like the original Wet Mop Pad, this one has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using only water when following the proper use and care instructions. Your floors will be clean in no time, with less effort and no chemicals.

Norwex Mop Head

When your party reaches $1000 in Guest Sales (with 1 new booking and 3 buying guests) you will receive:

Rubber Brush – The perfect tool to maintain your Chenille Dry Mop!  You certainly don’t need to launder your dry mop head every time you use them… and the rubber brush is perfect for removing the dust/debris/hair it collects as you dry mop your floor. Simply brush out the mop head into the garbage can and be ready for the next time you need it. Launder your Dry Mop as necessary with the rest of your Norwex microfiber cloths.

Aluminum Spray Bottle – It may seem strange to highlight a simple ‘spray bottle’ but it is an essential tool when mopping. When you mop your floor, wring out most of the water from the mop head before you start… this will ensure your floors will be streak-free! As you mop, start in the farthest corner and using a figure 8 motion to clean across the whole floor.  You may find that you need to add a little moisture – this is when you need the Aluminum Spray Bottle!!! – so just spray as needed. If you like, try adding a drop or two of Norwex Essential Oils to the water to leave a beautiful scent.

See what other people are saying about their Norwex mop:

“My husband was pessimistic about the Norwex mop at first. One day, while doing some spring cleaning and my husband was using a different mop and soap and then having to rinse with the mop and mop again with just water to get rid of the streaks left behind, I asked him to just try the Norwex mop. He did and he was amazed! One time over the floor and done! No streaks at all! He has used it everytime since!” ~ Marnie Waller

“I love my Norwex mop! It’s even great for cleaning outside windows that are too high to reach even with a ladder.” ~ Sara Reimer Friesen

I’ve had my Norwex mop for over 13 years… it creates a streak-free clean and it is quick & easy! I love that this month’s Norwex Host rewards include a FREE Mop System.  It is a such versatile, easy-to-use tool that makes cleaning simple. I also love that this month’s rewards include the tools to maintain the Mop System.  Seriously, you will be ready to go as soon as your rewards arrive at your house.  Host a Norwex Party this month… you invite the guests and I will bring the fun (and help you earn a FREE Mop System)!

Norwex Hosting Program


Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.