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This month’s Customer Specials are full of great Norwex gift ideas.  We all need a little help finding the perfect gift for people on our list… and these Holiday Helpers will definitely be a perfect choice for your ‘environmentally-friendly auntie’ or your ‘first-time-mom sister’ or your ‘too-busy-to-clean friend’.  They will love Norwex’s line of products!!!  It is great way to introduce your family and friends to a sustainable way of living, or add to their die-hard Norwex collection.

Check out this cheeky Norwex flyer… it’s a fun reminder about how to reduce the number of chemicals in our homes… then keep reading to see what is on sale this month!

Norwex Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice? – PDF

Here is what’s on SALE… some Norwex Gift Ideas!

Norwex Christmas Customer Specials

Holiday Helpers Customer Specials – PDF

Norwex Gift IdeaPamper Yourself (link)

You will LOVE these 2 products!  First, the Body Pack Cloths are the BEST face cloths out there! They are made with super-soft microfiber containing exclusive Baclock™agent to self-purify the cloth, it beautifully cleanses the skin and even removes makeup with just water.  They are perfect for ALL types of skin.

The Body Balm is just as amazing! I use this Body Balm every time I get out the shower… up and down my legs and with special attention on my heels, knees and elbows.  It is made with USDA certified organic ingredients and has a beautiful citrusy, minty aroma. It has organic Beeswax, to protect skin from the elements, Shea Butter, to absorb rapidly into the skin and Castor Oil, to help restore moisture balance. Seriously… pamper yourself, or someone you love with this one.

Fresh and Ready (link)

This customer specials is a bundle of little treasures.  The Microfiber Variety Pack includes a compact-sized EnviroCloth, WindowCloth and Body Pack Cloth. They are all constructed like the regular-sized cloths including the Baclock™agent.  They are perfect for on-the-go, or for a trial size for a friend who has never tried Norwex.  Whatever situation you find yourself in… spill in the car, smudgy cellphone screen, sticky toddler face… these little cloths will save the day!!!

Instead of using chemical-laden air fresheners deal with smelly areas in your home, try Norwex Air Freshener Bags.  They are made of sustainably-harvested Bamboo that is turned into charcoal that quickly and effectively absorbs unpleasant odours. The slim size is perfect for spaces, like: freezers, wine coolers, linen drawers, gym bags, shoes, lockers and hampers. The large size can cover 90 square feet, making it ideal for closets, bathrooms, cars, boats, pet areas, and laundry rooms.  These beauties last up to 2 years… every few months place the inner bag in the sun to rejuvenate its effectiveness.  AWESOME!

Love your pet… but not their hair? The Lint Mitt is the perfect, eco-friendly, reusable, totable solution!  Instead of using expensive, disposable lint tape, try Norwex’s Lint Mitt instead. It is perfect for clothing, furniture and upholstery… to use, make straight strokes and going against the grain of the mitt. Handy and environmentally-friendly!

Norwex Gift IdeasTurquoise Delight (link)

This limited-time, dual-sided turquoise Kitchen Towel and Cloth set is designed with a traditional microfiber side and a waffle-weave side.  This means that they not only have the absorbency and Baclock™ agent advantage of an EnviroCloth, but they also have a scrubby, durable advantage with the waffle-weave side.  Try them out… see if they become your favourite Christmas Kitchen Cloth.


Spend and Get Sale

Norwex Sale

Spend and Get – PDF

A few more Norwex Gift Ideas

Just incase you need a little more inspiration… look no further, Norwex has some more great gifts ideas.Norwex Gift Ideas

Norwex Gift Ideas – PDF

Norwex Stocking Ideas

A Perfect Something for Everyone

There really is something for everyone… when it comes to Norwex.  We are all cleaning our homes with something and using products to care for our skin.  Norwex has a wonderful line of products that lead the industry in quality and environmental standards.  You can’t find gifts like this just anywhere!

Norwex Specials

What are your Christmas gift traditions?


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