Norwex Holiday 2020 Products

Can you believe holiday products are already being released? The weather is getting chilly, almost all the leaves have fallen and the days are getting short. Yes, the holidays are just around the corner!

Norwex just released gorgeous, limited-edition holiday products for your home and personal use in their new Holiday 2020 Mini Catalogue.  These products are all Norwegian heritage-inspired and will hopefully invite you to slow down, awaken your senses and enjoy every moment with those you love.

Chenille Towels

Luxurious, super-soft, super-absorbent and has Baclock® technology to self purify between uses! Available: Pinecone Chenille & Reindeer Pet-to-Dry

Norwex Holiday Hand Towels

Textured Kitchen Towel & Cloth

No better time than the holidays to spruce up your kitchen towels and cloths. These are beautiful and made from 70% recycled materials! Available: Towel & Cloth Set & Cloth Trio

Norwex textured Kitchen Towels

Scented Dish Liquid & Laundry Set

Natural Lavender and Rosemary scents are perfect for the holidays!!! Available: Dish Soap & UPP Set

Norwex lavender detergent

Winter Balsam Toilet Spray

A natural woodsy essential oils scent to maintain your bathroom. Available: Winter Balsam Spray

Norwex Balsam toilet spray

Sugar Plum Foaming Hand Wash

Hand washing is essential and the holidays are a special time, you will love this bright hand wash with the rich plant-derived scent of coconut & apple extracts. Available: Foaming Wash & Refill

Norwex Sugar Plum Foaming Hand Wash

Ultra-Plush Body and Face Pack, Body Towels, Hand Towel, Bath Towel

This collection is luxurious, has Baclock® technology and is super soft.  If you haven’t experienced Norwex’s Body and Face Cloths, you are in for a treat! They cleanse your skin and remove your makeup with just water. Available: Towel Set, Body & Face Pack, Bath Towel & Hand Towel

Norwex Christmas Towels

Lysere Day & Night Set

Personal skincare products we choose can be a source of where we are exposed to chemicals. Norwex’s line of personal products is different; they are clean, nourishing, plant-derived, not tested on animals and are free from parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances and dyes. Plus, they make perfect gift ideas! Available: Essential Day & Night Set

Norwex Day Night Cream

Sugar Plum Hand Lotion

What a treat for yourself or for your sister, mom or friend!? Available: Hand Lotion

Norwex Sugar Plum Hand Lotion

Lysere Nourishing Hair Travel Trio

This travel trio is a sneak peek for new products coming soon! Perfect for tucking into a stocking. Available: Travel Trio

Norwex Nourishing Shampoo

Product Review –  Holiday Products 2020

For more information about the holiday lineup… watch this:

Happy Gifts. Happy Home. Happy Holidays.

As you prepare for the upcoming holidays… consider these holiday products for your home and as gifts for the people you love. Norwex is all about creating safe havens and this holiday season they are doing that with beautiful, luxurious, sustainable products. Who is on your list this year?

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Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.