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About Delores VandenBoogaard

Norwex Team Leader Delores VandenBoogaardSilver Senior Vice President Sales Leader
Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

To live with intention is my life goal. I began my Norwex journey to raise our three girls in a healthy home free of harmful chemicals, and the journey transformed into a passion to educate others.

Norwex has given me a career with a purpose, flexibility so life can have balance and self-employment with an excellent income.


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Delores VandenBoogaard is a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States.

Host a Presentation

“Norwex” Your Home for Free!

What does it mean to "Norwex" your home? It is an "industry term" that means an individual's home doesn't just have one or two Norwex EnviroCloths, but that they use Norwex products to do the majority, if not all of, the cleaning. It means that you clean up to 75%...

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Host a Norwex Party… Reap the Rewards

Why Host a Norwex Party? I believe that if anyone uses and loves Norwex products, should host a party. Why? Norwex has the most generous hosting rewards I've ever seen and it will seriously bless you and your home. In fact, being able to bless my hosts is one of my...

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ISO: FREE Norwex Mop!!!

Have you ever considered hosting a Norwex presentation in your home???  Do you love the product? Have you always had your eye on the Mop System? January is the perfect month to book a presentation!  This month, Norwex is ringing in the New Year by rewarding Norwex...

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June Norwex Host Free Product & Rewards

Did you know that people choose to host a Norwex presentation for two main reasons: Hosts want to host a Norwex party to have fun and get together with friends and family. Hosts want to help out a friend learn how to live a more healthy, chemical-free, natural way....

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Celebrate Earth Day with a Norwex Party!

The month of April is a perfect month to host a Norwex party.  Every year on April 22nd, Canada celebrates Earth Day  in unique ways across the country.  This year, take part in a Earth Day celebration or create your own celebration with by hosting a Norwex party. Has...

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Great Norwex Host Rewards in March!

I have often said, "that without my hosts, I wouldn't have a job!"  Hosting a Norwex party is the way that I, as an Independent Norwex Consultant, am able to teach and inform people (your family and friends) about the environmentally-friendly, green-cleaning Norwex...

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Norwex Host Rewards – December 2016

Want to host a unique Christmas party this year? December is a wonderful time to get together with friends and family.... and if you plan it right, you could host a Norwex party and get a few Christmas tasks accomplished all at one time. I love multi-tasking!!! First,...

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November 2016 Norwex Host Rewards

Calling all animal lovers! This is the perfect month for you to host a Norwex party... Why, you ask? This month, the Pet Mitt and Pet Towel are both up for grabs... plus a whole lot of other wonderful products to clean your home. I appreciate my hosts and want them to...

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October 2016 Norwex Host Rewards

Did you know that Norwex offers their hosts generous rewards? And that these rewards are different each month? I know that Norwex generously rewards those who are generously open their homes to allow their Norwex consultant to give a presentation.  Without wonderful...

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September 2016 Norwex Host Rewards

What are Host Rewards?   The Host Rewards is a reward program based on the Total in Guest Sales, Number of New Bookings and Number of Buying Guests.  Each month the rewards are different... but always fantastic!  This month's feature item is the Water Filtration...

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August Host Reward…FREE Superior Mop!

The host reward is featuring the Superior Mop (it was the July reward too)!  When something is this great, why not do it again? Do you have dark hardwood floors?  Do they require a lot of work to keep looking beautiful?  The Norwex Superior Mop is the perfect tool for...

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July Host Rewards is FREE Mop Month!

Maybe you didn't hear... or maybe you were waiting for confirmation... but for the whole month of July, Norwex is rewarding its hosts with a FREE Superior Mop!!!  Actually, Norwex has a fabulous line up of rewards for their hosts (as usual), but the star of the...

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Norwex Host Rewards for June 2016

If you have ever considered opening your home to host a Norwex party... I encourage you to take a peek at Norwex's generous Host Rewards for the month of June!  The Host Reward program is based on the total amount in Guest Sales, the Number of Buying Guests and the...

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May Norwex Host Specials

You are probably working through your spring cleaning list, or at least writing the to-do list and I'm sure your home is well on its way!!!  But maybe there a few things on your list that require a specific Norwex product to do the job right?  Are you thinking, "if...

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Awesome Norwex Host Rewards in April!

I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't remind you that the month of April marks the start of spring cleaning season :). If this doesn't excite you, take heart, spring cleaning with Norwex will take 75% less time than when you use traditional methods and without any...

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March Host Rewards

March is full of celebrations!  Why not host a St. Patrick's Day Norwex party... You could wear a fun green hat, eat green food, have a few green beverages, toast the Irish while hosting a party with 'green' cleaning solutions for your friends and family.  Here are a...

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February Host Specials

Norwex has a generous host program!  Each month the host special change, and they are always fantastic. The specials are based on the amount of  Guest Sales, the Number of Buying Guests and the Number of New Bookings.  February host specials offer include: A....

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Why Norwex?

Complacency can feel comfortable. The thought that one person truly can’t make a difference is often believed. That is, until we have a wake up call.  Cancer, motherhood, questioning life’s choices and my desire for freedom, have brought me to where I am today. In...

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Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Norwex Independent
Sales Consultant
Senior Vice President Sales Leader

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