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About Delores VandenBoogaard

Norwex Team Leader Delores VandenBoogaardSenior Vice President Sales Leader
Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

To live with intention is my life goal. I began my Norwex journey to raise our three girls in a healthy home free of harmful chemicals, and the journey transformed into a passion to educate others.

Norwex has given me a career with a purpose, flexibility so life can have balance and self-employment with an excellent income.


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Delores VandenBoogaard is a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States.

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Clean Living with Delores VanderBoogaard

with Delores VandenBoogaard

Spring Clean Dusting with Norwex

Our homes collect dust! Did you know? Dust is made up of all sorts of stuff - organic stuff like dead skin, but also toxic stuff from our environment.  Although spring cleaning includes dusting because of how wonderful it feels when the dusting is done, it should also...

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Spring Clean Your Rooms with Norwex

Bathrooms require A LOT of maintenance, right?! Often bathrooms, because they are part of our regular cleaning schedule, they often get forgotten when it comes to spring cleaning. Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to give your bathrooms a really deep clean... clean...

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Spring Clean Your Kitchen with Norwex

I think we can all agree that our kitchens are the most well-loved areas of our homes. It's where family and friends gather, eat, have discussions, have meetings, quiet devotions with tea, it's the place we leave our miscellaneous piles and make the most mess. I love...

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Spring Clean Your Outdoors with Norwex

In my neck of the woods we are all ready for spring time (& spring cleaning)!! All winter, dust and debris pelt our homes and windows, the wind brings in garbage, pets do their business, patio furniture huddles together collecting dust and our decks are weathered by...

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Want $100 extra FREE Product? Join Norwex in February!

Why Join Norwex? Would you like to work for yourself? Do you love Norwex product? Do you want to make a difference the world? Do you want a job that is flexible and has the opportunity to make a generous salary? Do you want to work with a diverse group of Independent...

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Healthy home, family and world! Norwex, everyday for everyone.

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With Norwex products, you save time and money while improving the health of your home and our environment. Get the power to clean without harmful chemicals!



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Join tens of thousands of others around the globe who are earning an income while helping friends, family and people you meet at parties to create safe havens.


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Join tens of thousands of others around the globe who are earning an income while helping friends, family and people you meet at parties to create safe havens.

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Delores VandenBoogaard

Norwex Independent Sales Consultant
Consultant, Trainer and Business Coach
Call / Text: 780.999.6443