If  your anything like me, chances are you can’t relax until everyone else’s needs are met and the house is clean. I find it much easier to relax when my home is clean, but keeping it looking freshly cleaned can be very time consuming. Well, I used to feel this way until I discovered NORWEX!

Truth be told, I now actually ENJOY cleaning!  When making the switch to clean with Norwex products you are reducing your cleaning time in half or less. You simply clean your home with water and a cloth, that’s it! My goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone I meet, by simply changing the way they think about cleaning.  I am intentionally increasing their awareness to the dangers of exposure to harmful chemicals.  

Norwex has grown and evolved for me personally over the years.  It started as my solution, to replace chemicals in our home with a healthy alternative.  It also became our financial solution.  Norwex provided a steady income for our family, as we had three girls in four and a half years.  

Educating my customers about Norwex has been rewarding, but there was a hidden surprise for me in this business.  As a passionate user and Norwex educator, it was only natural to invite others to help me spread the word of Norwex.  One person can make a difference in their own circle of influence, but a TEAM can affect the globe.    While helping other consultants launch their businesses, I could of never imagined the reward of joy I would receive. Mentoring their development and watching them succeed has been so gratifying.   To see families achieve financial freedom, their celebration and satisfaction to pay off debt, to take their family on a dream vacation, move to an acreage with horses and surprise their spouse with a huge gift!  The income generated from Norwex, has been the financial solution for many families!

I’ve had a one track mind since 2006, I have been driven to educate society about their options! Cutting their cleaning COSTS by 90% and reducing their cleaning TIME by 75%…  simply by making the switch to NORWEX.  Norwex can be your solution too!

I am delighted that many homes across North America have now discovered Norwex to be their solution! 

“May 2008 Delores VandenBoogaard, leader of  The Solution Team, became the first Vice President Sales Leader  for Norwex Internationally.”  Norwex 2008

“November 2013 Delores VandenBoogaard leader of The Solution Team, became the first Executive Vice President Sales Leader for Canada.  She is the fourth to earn this prestigious level as a Norwex Black Jacket globally.”  Norwex 2013

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“Over 150 chemicals found in the average home have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.” Consumer Product Safety Commission

“80 thousand new chemicals have been generated from a decade ago, they were never assessed for human impact.” B. Nicoliasen

“Chemicals have replaced bacteria as the main threat to health. The diseases we are beginning to see as the major causes of death in the latter part of (the 1900’s) and into the 21st century are diseases of chemical origin.” Dr. Dick Irwin, Toxicologist, Texas A&M University.


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Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.