Many people are nervous about Chinese food.  I saw some food, I would not have eaten, but Norwex treated us like royalty.  We ate at the most amazing restaurants.
You can’t visit China without visiting the markets.
Shanghai Markets
 The first market we went to was very beautiful!
Shanghai Markets
  Even though we live clear across North America, we are Norwex sisters and pioneers.
What an amazing group of ladies!
Shanghai Markets
We visited both Yu Yuan and Xintiandi.
china #2 5
On site were two more Starbucks coffee shops, but this time we walked right by.
We were about to experience a traditional Chinese Tea tasting.
Chinese Tea Experience

Chinese Tea Experience included: Romeo & Juliet Tea, Green Tea, and the Ceramic Peeing Boys 🙂

Our form of transportation was a nice shuttle.  In Shanghai, only the very wealthy own vehicles. A Shanghai license plate costs $50,000 US. The plate alone, typically costs the same or usually more than the actual vehicle.  The roads were crowded with bicycles, motorbikes, scooters and mopeds. On one scooter, I saw a mother with her son holding onto her back, and her daughter between her feet on the foot rest.   Most citizens travel by bike and for long distances by train.
It is prestigious to live in Shanghai. Joyce, a Norwex employee,  lives in the dorm at the factory during the week, but lives in her apartment in Shanghai on the weekends.   This is very unusual. Most factory workers only go home for the Chinese New Year when the factory is closed. This is because most factory workers travel a very long distance to work at the factories.  Because the Norwex factory closes for Chinese New Year, all of their workers go home to celebrate! This is an example of how excellent Norwex treats their staff.  It is typical for factories to loss 40% of their staff, because they don’t return back to work after the celebration.  At the Norwex factory 100% of their staff usually returns.  Last year, Norwex only had 2 employees not return and one was due to illness.
Norwex treated us to a lovely dinner at an Italian Bella Napoli Restaurant and a night at the Chinese Acrobatics.

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