Calling all animal lovers! This is the perfect month for you to host a Norwex party… Why, you ask? This month, the Pet Mitt and Pet Towel are both up for grabs… plus a whole lot of other wonderful products to clean your home.

I appreciate my hosts and want them to enjoy the generous host rewards program Norwex offers.  The rewards are based on the amount of Guest Sales, the number of Buying Guests and the number of new Bookings. Free rewards are always good and even better when they are amazing products…  like Norwex products.

This month a few of the microfiber pet products are featured… but there is a lot to choose from, even if your best friend doesn’t have four furry legs :).


Click on the highlighted products for more images and information.

Latte Kitchen Cloth with Baclock™ – Sick of your stinky dish cloths, that aren’t very absorbent and mostly just push the dirt and bacteria around your counters? Sick of the cloudy residue left behind from toxic cleaners on your food prep surfaces?  Norwex Kitchen Cloths are made from superior absorbent microfiber and only require water to clean your counters.  A great thing about these cloths is Baclock™ in the cloth – our micro silver antibacterial agent – goes to work to self-purify and inhibit odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth within the cloth within 24 hours so that it is ready to use again.

novhost1Bottle Brush with EnviroSleeve with Baclock™ – Have water bottles, travel coffee cups, baby bottles, etc… that crowd your sink on a daily basis? The Norwex Bottle Brush makes cleaning them quick.  The brush is made from ThermoPlastic Rubber, that is non-scratch, dishwasher-safe, rust-proof, durable and flexible for all type of containers and dishes. When used with the EnviroSleeve, it is safe for delicate glassware. For more information about this well-designed brush, read Travel Mugs and Water Bottles Need a Scrub?.

Magnetic EnviroCloth with Baclock™ –  Need to keep your EnviroCloth close at hand?  The Magnetic EnviroCloth has a built in magnetic that allows you to attach your EnviroCloth to any magnetic surface.  Try it on your fridge door, those new magnetic painted walls, the magnetic tool holder hanging in the garage… totally handy.

Purple Window Cloth with Baclock™ – This is the perfect cloth to accompany Norwex’s EnviroCloth.  It is a polishing cloth that removes the need for chemical-filled window cleaners and paper towel.  Simply wipe down your window or any hard surface with a damp EnviroCloth and follow behind with a Window Cloth for a streak-free clean. Did you know that butyl cellosolve is a chemical commonly found in glass cleaners? It is readily absorbed through the skin and overexposure can irritate mucous membranes and may cause liver and kidney damage. * Doesn’t having the option to avoid this commonly used chemical and clean with water sound good?

novhost2Pack of 2 Spirinett – Made from 100% stainless steel… this scrubby is perfect for all your tough jobs in the kitchen and home.  They won’t rust, are extremely durable and last a long time.  They can make your well-loved pie plate or lazanga glass pan look like new.  They work to clean ovens, algae on fish tanks, lime buildup on showers and faucets and even remove watermarks on glass and ceramic tile.  After a tough job, just throw the Spirinette in the dishwasher.  Be sure not to use on non-stick surfaces.  Fun tip: If you have a onion or garlic stinky cutting board, use the Spirinett and Norwex Dish Soap to remove the odour… the Stainless Steel will absorb the odour.

Travel Pack with Baclock™ – The Travel Pack includes 4 ‘while-you-are-out’ size EnviroCloths to remove dust, dirt and grease from all washable surfaces using only water! They are perfect for spills in the car, washing little hands before snack time, are super-absorbent, and trap dust particles inside until they are rinsed out. Then the Baclock™ in the cloth—our micro silver antibacterial agent—goes to work to self-purify and inhibit bacterial doors, mold and mildew growth in the cloth.

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Travel Pack. They really make it easy to stay on top of these small cleanups that have the potential to turn into big problems if left too long. We like to keep them handy for our granddaughter “Taylor” because she spits up a lot, and the cloth keeps our clothes from getting stained. I also keep a couple in the car to wash my hands before going through the drive thru (instead of using the waterless hand cleaner which smells, and is probably full of chemicals). Thanks so much! ~ Jean in Ontario, Canada

novhost3Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent 500 gr/1.1 lbs – The best detergent ever… without fillers, perfumes or chemicals.  Just pure clean. It is designed to clean your clothes but the uses are endless… it can decalcify your dehumidifier, it can make your oven racks look like new or it can be diluted and used as a stain remover. It is great stuff.

Pet Mitt with Baclock™ – Have a quick and squirmy dog in the bath?  Try the Norwex Pet Mitt.  It is designed to help keep a hold of ‘Fluffy’ in the bath as well as is made with extra absorbent, plush microfibers that lift dirt, dander and hair off your dog and into the mitt. It can be used wet (in the bath) or dry (to remove loose hair). It has the power of Baclock™ to self-purify and be ready for the next bath… plus it is quick drying. It is also the perfect tool to wipe your dog’s paws as they enter your home.

Pet Towel with Baclock™ –  This towel is so absorbent, it can handle any wet dog. The only trick is getting it on your dog’s back before he shakes!!  The towel has Baclock™ agent and comes with built in pockets so you have a fighting chance to grab your wet dog.  Remember to brush your dog regularly to help prevent matting, excess hair and bacteria growth to help them maintain healthy skin.

Soothing Blend Essential Oil – New this Fall!  Find a moment during your full day to enjoy the soothing scent of Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile and Sandalwood. Norwex Essential Oils are made with high-quality, organic ingredients, perfect to refresh your home and release any anxiety or stress you are feeling.

Latte Kitchen Towel with Baclock™ –  A match for your Latte Kitchen Cloth… this lovely towel is the most absorbent towel your kitchen has ever seen.  Complete with Baclock™ and a specialized weave, this towel is an effective and clean drying cloth.

I LOVE the Kitchen Towels! They dry so quickly and feel fresh even if I leave the same one hanging on my fridge handle for a week! When I used cotton towels, I had to change them at least once a day because after drying dishes and/or drying so many hands in a day, it would be soaking wet and dirty! ~ Jessica Matthes, USA

The rewards get even better… if your party sells a minimum $600 in Guest Sales, has 6 Buying Guests & 1 New Booking, you will receive a BONUS: Teal Bath Mat & Chenille Hand Towel!

Another added reward on top of these rewards is the Host Free Dollars… Host Free Dollars allows you to choose from your wish list and get what you’ve always wanted — for free.  It is a percentage based on the Guest Sales!

Book in November and treat not only yourself, but your favourite furry four-legged friend to some fantastic Norwex products.



Delores VandenBoogaard is an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with customers and consultants throughout Canada and the United States including; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories and Ontario. She also has customers and team members in; Michigan, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Iowa and Maine.