How do you clean your Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are a wonderful appliances for wicking extra moisture out of the air in your home… especially in hot, humid climates.  They are also designed to reduce allergens like dust mites, mould & mildew in the air and are effective to control condensation in damp basements and bathrooms. But take a peek in the water reservoir tank of your dehumidifier……


Spring Clean Appliances

This post is about deep cleaning kitchen appliances… the ones we couldn’t live without! I would like to share how to spring clean your oven without harmful toxins or the huge amount of energy output spent to run a traditional self-clean oven cycle, plus your fridge and your dishwasher and other small appliances without chemicals….

More Time & Less Grime

Environmentally-friendly Norwex Cleaning Paste is often referred to as “elbow-grease in a jar”.  Use it for a variety of stubborn cleaning jobs. Take a look in your cupboard and see how many of your  purchased cleaners have only three active ingredients.  The amazing Cleaning Paste contains: marble-flour, natural soap and traces of coconut oil.  It…